Personal Insurance

Term Life Insurance


Life Insurance

  • The Life Insurance plan pays a lump sum amount of money if:
    • the insured person dies; or 
    • is diagnosed with a terminal illness and       is given a life expectancy of less than 12 months. 

Where you have nominated a beneficiary, the death benefit will be paid to the people you nominate. If you don’t nominate a beneficiary, we will pay the benefit to your estate.Information


Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection is a monthly benefit that pays you up to 75% of your income and covers you for accidents, illnesses or major traumas. It pays you up until you return to work (after your waiting period), if you can’t return, up until retirement age being age 65 (depending on your occupation). Income protection is tax deductible and is designed to ensure that you can continue to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and carry on financially until you return to work.


Total & Permanent Disablement

TPD Insurance

TPD insurance is a lump sum payment paid to yourself and is used to clear out debts, provide funds for medical costs and annual income streams to ensure you maintain the same quality of lifestyle. 

It is generally paid when you have been advised by a medical specialist that you will never work again.


Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance pays you a lump sum payment in the event that you are diagnosed with a specified illness (up to 45 major illnesses – depending on insurer) including (but not limited to) things like cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. Trauma insurance is designed to give you money when you need it most. It is the most expensive product, however it is the one that's most claimed upon and that's reflective in the cost!  An example of this – if you were to suffer from cancer and were to be off work for a couple of years due to chemo, stress etc, your life insurance would not pay out, your TPD insurance would not pay out because you will return to work one day, however your trauma insurance would give you that lump sum payment to ease the financial pressures of not working.


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