Property Investment

Owning an Investment Property or 2 is the great Australian dream. Many everyday Australians do in fact own one or more properties. It has always been looked at as a way of having a better retirement plan or income. So that we can offer this service to purchase an Investment Property, we have built up a strong working relationship with a number of builders and agents in different locations, and have been granted access to their product. Of course all the properties are what is commonly called a "turn key finish" This means once the keys are handed over to the owner on completion there are no hidden additional costs to finish the property. We also have secured the service of a number of real Estate Agents to look at the possibility of having tenants available on completion of the property. There are still a number of builders prepared to build a property, complete, for an SMSF to purchase. With interest rates being at a record low and house prices in many areas being relatively flat, now could be an ideal time venture into the property investment world. We assist you full all the way through the process from day one, even after completion we are here to assist.  

Real Estate Licence Number 20069652